"Luxury Urban Spa" Award for Anatasi Spa & Wellness

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"Luxury Urban Spa" Award for Anatasi Spa & Wellness

"Luxury Urban Spa" Award for Anatasi Spa & Wellness

Ananti City Resort’s spa center won an important title at the World Luxury Spa Awards, turning the city of Trikala into an important wellness destination in Greece. Anatasi Spa & Wellness, the atmospheric wellness center of Ananti City Resort, is the winne​​r of the “Luxury Urban Escape” in Greece award at the World Luxury Spa Awards.

The World Luxury Spa Awards is a global organisation focused on identifying and promoting the world's best spas, providing recognition for their outstanding efforts in service delivery in the niche and luxury sector. The Awards judging criteria is purely based upon service excellence, while the size of the spa is not taken into consideration during the nomination, therefore Anatasi Spa and Wellness, despite of its small size has received this huge honor.

The word "Anatasi" in Greek stands for elevation, therefore Anatasi creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in a relaxed environment which will eventually elevate body and soul. The location of the Spa, on top of a hill, and its direct contact with nature enhance the “Anatasi” experience while its unique fusion of different therapies help you replenish and revitalize. Anatasi Spa is located in Trikala city which was the birthplace of Asclepios, the God of medicine, healing, rejuvenation in Ancient Greek religion and mythology. Anatasi's signature therapy is called “Egkoimisi” has been named after the treatment that Asklipios used to treat his patients. This therapy uses therapeutic oils made out of aromatic Greek herbs.​

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