Art Exhibition - Vassilis Vassilakakis - “The ‘inner experience’*of the object”

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Art Exhibition - Vassilis Vassilakakis - “The ‘inner experience’*of the object”

Art Exhibition - Vassilis Vassilakakis - “The ‘inner experience’*of the object”

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For fourth consecutive year Ananti City Resort invites talented artists to exhibit their work in the public spaces of the hotel. The exhibition is open to public and admission is free for all visitors.

Opening : December 4, 2016

Duration 4/12/16-10/1/17

Decription of the exhibition

Vassilis Vassilakakis, on his hopeless effort with regard to the painting language, attempts to name differently ‘things’ and consequently meanings. It is as if someone reexamines an object. Even the most trivial one acquires essence and content. Deprived of their initial destination and cut off by their natural environment, the everyday objects-fragments implicate the spectator to the tracing of the familiar-non familiar, the real-not real, the material-spiritual.

The artist understands painting through the way George Bataille determines the “inner experience” as the confrontation with our own self, as the only essential choice for the accomplishment of the “self-dominance”.

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Vassilis Vassilakakis was born in Agista, Greece in 1968. He studied at the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1988-1994) and at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (1995-1997). He lives and works in Thessaloniki where he teaches at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University. “The ‘inner experience’*of the object” is his fifth solo exhibition.

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