In a world filled with bustling cities and hectic schedules, finding a quiet space to pamper your body and mind can be a precious gift.
Ananti Resort, built atop a majestic natural landscape, offers an idyllic setting for practicing Yoga and Pilates outdoors.

Ananti Resort : A haven of serenity

Set in a unique location, Ananti Resort is a haven where luxury meets nature. Surrounded by lush greenery, Ananti Resort is a haven for those who wish to relax, rejuvenate and harmonize their mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of Outdoor Yoga and Pilates

Connecting with nature : Practicing yoga and Pilates outdoors promotes a deeper connection with the natural world. The soothing sounds of the breeze rustling the leaves and birdsong can enhance a sense of calm and mindfulness.
Fresh air: Breathing fresh, uncontaminated air rejuvenates your lungs and enhances your yoga or Pilates experience. It’s a welcome change from indoors with recycled air.
Vitamin D : Natural sunlight provides an abundant source of vitamin D, essential for overall wellness. It promotes better mood and bone health, making it a valuable component of your outdoor practice.
Spaciousness : Outdoor spaces allow you to enjoy a spacious, clean environment that is particularly conducive to the flowing, meditative movements of yoga and Pilates.
Intelligent presence : Exercising outdoors encourages mindfulness and presence. It is an opportunity to be fully aware of your surroundings, your body and your practice.

The Yoga experience at Ananti Resort!

Sunrise Yoga : Start your day with a sunrise yoga session, allowing the first rays of the sun to awaken your body and spirit. The panoramic views of nature create a magical backdrop for your practice.

Sunset Yoga : A yoga session at sunset, combining an unforgettable experience of exercise and the unique scenery as the sun bids farewell to the day.
Poolside Yoga : Enjoy a yoga session by the resort’s inviting pool. The sound of gently flowing water and the clear blue sky overhead create a relaxing atmosphere.

The Pilates experience at Ananti Resort!

Terrace Pilates : Ananti Resort’s spacious terrace provides an outdoor platform for your Pilates practice, with panoramic views that inspire mindfulness and concentration.
Forest Pilates : Explore the well-maintained forest trails surrounding Ananti Resort , where you can indulge in Pilates sessions in the enchanting embrace of nature.
Private Sessions : Ananti Resort offers private Pilates sessions for those seeking a more personalized approach to their wellness journey.

Embrace the outdoors, connect with nature and elevate your wellness at Ananti Resort – a place where body and soul are nurtured in harmony with the natural world.